Achieve Better Early Clinical Development Outcomes - Faster - Use existing global network site relationships for improved early phase quality, costs and timelines

Mar 15, 2018

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With the cost of drug development now exceeding $2.5 billion, the selection of molecules with the highest potential for success is crucial. Access to patient populations, Principal Investigators and sites is imperative as they are all finite and the demands placed upon them continue to increase.

With a global network of Early Clinical Development (ECD) sites with proven therapeutic expertise and access to diverse patient populations, you can improve the outcome of your early phase development efforts and move healthcare forward.

Hear about a proven approach to ECD using a network model to optimize your efforts and get you to proof-of-concept earlier. Whether you need normal healthy volunteers (NHV), diverse patient groups, or you’re using hybrid designs (NHV + patients), attend this webinar to understand how this approach can provide the right sites, patients and expertise to positively impact the speed and cost of your early phase development.



Ashish Jain, VP & Global Head, Early Clinical Development, IQVIA

Linda Owens, Senior Director of Operations, Early Clinical Development, IQVIA


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Live: Thursday, March 15, 2018 | 11 am EDT

After the final airing of the webcast on March 15, 2018 it will be available on demand until March 15, 2019. 

Sponsor: IQVIA

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