CRO/Sponsor Articles

Innovations in Patient Matching

Aug 12, 2016

By Lisa Henderson

With the ever-present gap in ability to recruit patients into clinical trials, emerging solutions take different tactics to find the right patients and enroll them quickly.

Lean Outsourcing Models for Clinical Trials

Aug 03, 2016

By Denise Calaprice, PhD, Mitchell Katz, PhD

In the shifting landscape of product development, the pharma and biotech arenas increasingly emphasize the need to use less internal R&D resources, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. One product development strategy is the utilization of lean outsourcing models for clinical studies.

Generic Drug Repurposing Clinical Trials

Jun 07, 2016

By Bruce Bloom, JD, DDS

Generic drug repurposing can often create medical solutions regardless of the supporting entity. “Unsolved” diseases can benefit from this strategy despite commercialization challenges.

BioCelerate for Preclinical Collaboration

Mar 08, 2016

By Moe Alsumidaie

Six TransCelerate Member Companies formed BioCelerate, a subsidiary to focus on identifying innovative solutions for operational challenges in the preclinical space.

Forum Discusses Continued Challenges with Trial Data Transparency

Jan 15, 2016

By Lisa Henderson

With global regulatory changes happening quickly and often, there is concern that sponsors need more robust systems to keep pace and have a global disclosure strategy in place.

CRO/Sponsor News

SCRS, Lilly Announces Site Engagement Partnership

SCRS and Eli Lilly have announced a Site Engagement Partnership.

PAREXEL to Acquire ExecuPharm

Acquisition of function service provider ExecuPharm addresses what PAREXEL sees as a growing trend among biopharm companies to use combinations of outsourcing models.

ICON Completes Acquisition of Clinical RM

ICON plc has completed its acquisition of Clinical Research Management, Inc. (ClinicalRM), a provider of full service and functional research solutions to U.S. government agencies.

Profil Institute Allies with Antaros Medical

The Profil Institute for Clinical Research and Antaros Medical have collaborated to apply a broad range of non-invasive PET/MRI imaging techniques into pre- and postmarketing studies of cardiometabolic drugs and drug candidates.

Takeda Partners With PRA Health Sciences

Takeda Pharmaceuticals has entered into a partnership agreement with PRA Health Sciences.

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