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Cold Chain Logistics' Impact Clinical Trial Data Integrity

Nov 17, 2015

By Mark W. Sawicki

Without question, advanced cellular and gene therapies require well-defined cold-chain management solutions that reduce risk and include all elements of packaging, data collection and logistics expertise to ensure high-quality, effective treatments reach the point of care, and ultimately, the patient.

The Evolution of Imaging Techniques in Clinical Trials

Apr 01, 2015

By Ashwin Shetty, MD

Evaluating the use of new tumor measurement tools for studies of molecular-targeted cancer therapies.

The Future of QT in Clinical Trials

Sep 22, 2014

By Timothy Callahan, PhD

The US FDA, in open meetings, stated the Thorough QT trial "must" be replaced.

Circulating Tumor Cell Testing

Mar 01, 2013

By Chengsen Xue, Carla G. Hill, Thomas W. Mc Closkey

A CTC test may fulfill an unmet need in oncology clinical trials and disease management practices.

Labs News

ICON Partners with iCardiac On Phase I

ICON announced that its clinical research unit in San Antonio is a certified and preferred site in iCardiac’s Early Precision QT Program.

PRA Opens New Lab in Netherlands

PRA's new bioanalytical laboratory in Netherlands features more space and equipment for large and small molecules.

INC Research Receives iCardiac Site Certification

With this technology in place, INC may be able to eliminate the need for a separate, dedicated Thorough QT (TQT) studies.

INTERLAB Changes Name

INTERLAB and synlab have been successfully cooperating since 2004.

Pharma Invests in Companion Diagnostics

Tufts CSDD finds drug and diagnostics companies are investing in the development of companion diagnostics that can show that their use in conjunction with personalized therapeutics will lead to positive health outcomes.

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