Labs Articles

An Alternative Path to TQT Studies

Feb 17, 2016

By Lisa Henderson

Changes to cardiac safety assessments could equal more drugs in the pipeline and cost savings to sponsors.

How Cold Chain Logistics Work in Clinical Trials

Nov 17, 2015

By Mark W. Sawicki

Without question, advanced cellular and gene therapies require well-defined cold-chain management solutions that reduce risk and include all elements of packaging, data collection and logistics expertise to ensure high-quality, effective treatments reach the point of care, and ultimately, the patient.

The Evolution of Imaging Techniques in Clinical Trials

Apr 01, 2015

By Ashwin Shetty, MD

Evaluating the use of new tumor measurement tools for studies of molecular-targeted cancer therapies.

The Future of QT in Clinical Trials

Sep 22, 2014

By Timothy Callahan, PhD

The US FDA, in open meetings, stated the Thorough QT trial "must" be replaced.

Labs News

iCardiac Renames Respiratory Testing Services Line

PFT Global is the renamed clinical trials division of nSpire Health, which iCardiac acquired in July 2015.

MM LAB Software Matches Oncology Patients to Treatments

The software allows pathology labs, hospitals, genomic cores and physicians to match patients’ test results to personalized cancer treatments, including clinical trials and experimental drugs.

Almac Opens CDx Lab in NC

The CLIA-accredited laboratory will support both research-use-only and clinical diagnostic tests.

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