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Independent Image Review as a Form of Risk-Based Monitoring

Aug 10, 2016

By Joseph Pierro, MD, Kelley Atherton

The selection of study endpoints is one of many risks that a clinical research study can face. An independent review can help avert this by identifying potential issues within clinical trial data early in the study and allowing the study team to monitor, intervene and reduce study risks.

Early Phase Pharmacodynamic Models for Respiratory Drug Candidates

Jul 07, 2016

By Robert Lins, MD

Respiratory disease trials are difficult to initiate, both in terms of patient recruitment and accurately collecting data. Alternative methods are required to improve outcomes and develop new treatments for respiratory diseases.

An Alternative Path to TQT Studies

Feb 17, 2016

By Lisa Henderson

Changes to cardiac safety assessments could equal more drugs in the pipeline and cost savings to sponsors.

How Cold Chain Logistics Work in Clinical Trials

Nov 17, 2015

By Mark W. Sawicki

Without question, advanced cellular and gene therapies require well-defined cold-chain management solutions that reduce risk and include all elements of packaging, data collection and logistics expertise to ensure high-quality, effective treatments reach the point of care, and ultimately, the patient.

The Evolution of Imaging Techniques in Clinical Trials

Apr 01, 2015

By Ashwin Shetty, MD

Evaluating the use of new tumor measurement tools for studies of molecular-targeted cancer therapies.

Labs News

Biomedical Systems Partners with Foundry Health

Biomedical Systems announces a partnership with Chicago based digital health company Foundry Health.

World Courier Opens New Depot in Moscow

The new facility replaces the company’s current Moscow depot and increases its size and capabilities--including local sourcing of comparator drugs and secondary packaging and labeling.

UPS Expands Clinical Trial Logistics Capabilities

UPS announces an expansion of its shipping capabilities to support clinical trials.

Biomedical Systems opens Technology and Research Center

Biomedical Systems has opened its new technology and research center in St. Louis, Missouri near the company's global headquarters.

Exco InTouch Partners with AliveCor to Offer Mobile ECGs

Exco InTouch has announced a partnership with AliveCor in order to make mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements available in clinical research.

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