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In-Home Trial Supply Challenges

Sep 19, 2017

By Glenda Womack

CRO's and sponsors are taking clinical trials to homes. These in-home trials can address participation issues and provide added convenience plus support for patients, but they also come with their own set of risks.

Meeting the Clinical Supply Challenge with IRT

Sep 14, 2017

By Stefan Dürr

Managing clinical trial supply is not easy for the pharmaceutical industry between drug overages and right medical distribution. However, this is an important topic for sponsors to consider because the right strategy can help save money and reduce unnecessary spending.

Afib Detection: True or False Due to Bad Quality Recordings

Aug 01, 2017

By Luc Dekie

This article discusses atrial fibrillation (Afib) detection and ECG recordings of the arrhythmia.

High Quality ECG Recording Assurance

Jul 13, 2017

By Luc Dekie

This article discusses the importance of good patient preparation, lead hook-up, and the quality checks that can be performed to ascertain that an ECG is of good quality.

Six Steps to Ensuring Successful Clinical Trial Imaging

Jun 26, 2017

By Amit Vasanji, PhD and Brett A. Hoover

Amit Vasanji, PhD and Brett A Hoover from ERT discuss technology and the steps to successful clinical trials.

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