Trial Design Articles

Quintiles' Phase I Unit Tackles Trial 'Shopping'

Aug 14, 2015

By Moe Alsumidaie

Clinical trial recruitment and enrollment has presented its challenges in many ways.

Human Challenge Studies in Early Phase Antiviral Development

Jul 08, 2015

By Adrian Wildfire, Bruno Speder

The concept of the human challenge model (HCM) originated from early societal attempts to halt the spread of acute diseases within their own communities

TransCelerate’s Placebo and SOC Data Sharing Initiative

May 05, 2015

By Moe Alsumidaie

TransCelerate recently launched the Placebo and Standard of Care Data Sharing Initiative in order to foster a data sharing infrastructure between TransCelerate member companies.

Brain Monitoring Devices in Clinical Trials

Apr 30, 2015

By Bill Byrom, PhD

Aspects of brain health include the way we think, feel, play, work, recall information and sleep. Exercise, healthy eating and positive social interactions are already known to improve these aspects of brain health, as are continually exercising the cognitive abilities of our brains.

Improving Oncology Trials Through Adaptive Designs

Apr 01, 2015

By Dirk Reitsma, MD, Austin Combest, Ashley Simmons, Jürgen Hummel

How the practical application of these methods can help overcome the complex demands of cancer trials.

Trial Design News

Transparency Life Sciences’ Trial to Assess Decentralized Data Collection

The first patient has been enrolled in an innovative ulcerative colitis clinical trial designed to assess the feasibility of replacing most conventional patient site visits with data collected using a combination of decentralized methods, including digital measurements, telemonitoring, remote video visits with clinical trial staff and blood collections by visiting nurses.

Online Registry Improves Cancer Study Participation

Cedars-Sinai announced that its Research for Her online registry that matches women with research studies and clinical trials.

ASCO Presses for Inclusion of Older Adults in Research

With more than 60 percent of cancers in the United States occurring in people age 65 and older, the evidence base for treating older adults is sparse.

Considerations for Clinical Trial Design in Public Health Emergencies

While the fundamental concerns behind the design of most modern clinical trials are effectively the same, clinical trials that take place during public health emergencies face additional layers of challenges.

Cogstate Releases Online Cognitive Screening Solution for Alzheimer's Trial

This new version release optimizes patient recruitment with study-specific prescreening workflows and a delivery platform that allows for self-administered cognitive assessments on any modality including tablet-based assessments