Trial Design Articles

The Impact of Faster Drug Approvals on Oncology Clinical Trial Design

Sep 13, 2017

By Andrew Zupnick, PhD

Due to a shifting landscape because of faster drug approvals, this article offers strategies for sponsors to design clinical trials.

Exploring the Future of Clinical Research for Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases

Mar 27, 2017

By Ian Braithwaite, Eteri Tsetskhladze, MD, PhD

In the search for more effective treatments and cures, there are challenges that sponsors and CROs must confront when conducting IMID clinical trials.

Developing New Clinical Endpoints for Immuno-Oncology Studies

Feb 23, 2017

By Chris Smyth, PhD

Drug developers are using surrogate endpoints to monitor the effectiveness of immunotherapies, taking into account the differences between immunotherapy and traditional treatments.

Building Blocks for Better Balance

Sep 28, 2016

By Scott Hamilton, PhD, Carol Shum

While block randomization has been shown to be a more frequently used form of trial randomization design, the use of dynamic randomization has been shown to have optimal treatment group balancing results.

FAQs for Immunotherapy Trials

Sep 12, 2016

By Andrew Zupnick, PhD

Immunotherapy drugs have led to successes in the oncology space as the list of cancer survivors continues to grow. However, more work must be done to ensure that all patients who can benefit from these life-saving drugs receive them.

Trial Design News

ERT Introduces Respiratory Solution

ERT has introduced a respiratory clinical trial solution to capture, measure and analyze Lung Clearance Index data.

SGS Announces Results of H3N2 Influenza Trial

SGS announced the successful completion of a Phase I clinical trial of a new strain of influenza virus in healthy volunteers.

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