Jul 20, 2017
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Learn how next generation data-driven analytics, technology, and innovative processes optimize oncology clinical research. Explore how to improve study performance and enrollment to achieve greater predictability for your studies.

Live: Thursday, 20 July 2017 | 11:00 am EDT | 10:00 am CDT | 8:00 am PDT / On Demand available after airing until 20 July 2018.

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Jun 29, 2017
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Although the value of minimal residual disease (MRD) measurement in oncology is well defined in clinical development, the best technical approach can be variable based on a number of factors. Join us as we explore the current landscape of MRD detection, key considerations for each approach, as well as current advancements on the horizon.

Recorded On: June 29, 2017 / On Demand available until June 29, 2018

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Jun 28, 2017
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By leveraging continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in combination with operational excellence and therapeutic expertise, QuintilesIMS can help you achieve these results. In collaboration with key CGM opinion leaders, QuintilesIMS offers a free webinar on how utilizing CGM can take your diabetes product to the next level.

Recorded On: June 28, 2017 / On Demand available until June 28, 2018

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Jun 27, 2017
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In Biosimilar development, time to market is critical. Shorten your Biosimilar development timeline by employing an innovative approach that optimizes the use of Early Clinical Development findings.

Recorded On: June 27, 2017 / On Demand available until June 27, 2018

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Jun 08, 2017
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Dr. Cynthia Jackson and Jessica Perry, experts in the study of rare diseases at QuintilesIMS, will share their thoughts on how emerging biopharma companies can better impact enrollment and shorten timelines.

Recorded Date: June 8, 2017 / On Demand available until June 8, 2018

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Jun 07, 2017
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Attend this live webinar to learn of results from over 200 executed RBM studies, and understand the benefits of the latest technology advancements for Centralized Monitoring to automate your business processes, provide insights into potential safety & performance issues, and deliver more informed, faster insights for your clinical trials.

Recorded Date: June 7, 2017 / On Demand available until June 7, 2018

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May 02, 2017
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This webinar, presented by the QuintilesIMS Stem Cell Center, will introduce the range of services offered through the center and provide advice on working with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and accessing grants. We will discuss the obstacles regenerative medicine developers face in launch-planning and the successful commercialization of regenerative medicine therapies, as well as opportunities to overcome these obstacles.

Recorded On: May 02, 2017 / On Demand available until May 02, 2018.

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Apr 26, 2017
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The industry landscape has evolved dramatically over the last decade, yet many CTMS applications have not kept pace. Join this webcast to learn how all of the data being captured in a CTMS can be leveraged as a valuable, decision-making, source of truth.

Recorded Date: April 26, 2017 / On Demand available until April 26, 2018

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Mar 29, 2017
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This presentation will explore how Premier Research turned the challenge of process and system variability across customers into an opportunity to innovate. Through a novel approach, the company combined data analytics with modern CTMS capabilities to simplify complex processes, automate information sharing, and optimize sponsor collaboration.

Recorded Date: March 29, 2017 / On Demand available until March 29, 2018.

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Mar 28, 2017
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Challenge trials can be used successfully to shorten clinical development plans when certain criteria are met. In this webcast, our experts use the new developed and manufactured H3N2 challenge virus example in the fight against influenza.

Recorded Date: March 28, 2017 / On Demand available until March 28, 2018.

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