Applied Clinical Trials February 2016

February 2016 | Volume 25, Issue 2
Agency is asking sponsors to propose demonstration projects that test the use of electronic health records and standards-based technology solutions. Ensuring trials assess new drugs in diverse patient populations is also a priority focus.
New approach focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of four key areas related to risk-minimization and pharmacovigilance activities in Europe.
Survey spotlights the concern levels associated with the adoption of clinical trials using wearable technology.
Study shows sharp reduction in market exclusivity periods for first-in-class treatment entrants.
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Clinical Trial Insights
Despite wealth of data collected, many inefficiencies exist in the site-sponsor transfer of insights from clinical trials.
View from Brussels
Incoherencies in Europe’s drug-access arrangements raise questions, debate.
Feature Article
This three-step process can help managers accurately assess how patient-centric their trials really are.
Analysis of the largest antihypertensive trial ever offers useful blueprint for sites in boosting subject enrollment.
Survey takes deep dive into enrollment hurdles, aims to inform future recommendations for improvement.
Measuring clinically relevant response requires routine and regular collection of outcomes data.
A Closing Thought
Search-engine data offers window to public consciousness around clinical trial research, participation.
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