Applied Clinical Trials February 2017

February 2017 | Volume 26, Issue 2
Applied Clinical Trials February/March 2017
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By Applied Clinical Trials Editors
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Study finds that financial links between researchers and drug manufacturers are independently associated with positive trial results.
Europe is issuing a significant update to its ethical guidelines governing health-related research involving humans.
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors
Q&A explores the evolution and challenges of new technology implementation in clinical trials.
The needed resources to implement "Cures" legislation makes it critical that user fee programs for drugs are reauthorized well before they expire on Sept. 30.
From the Editor
Reaching the point of seamless integration of patient-care options won't be easy, but you can visualize how to get there through the prism of the "Clinical Trial of Tomorrow."
Clinical Trial Insights
Recent studies may help break down barriers to implementing patient-centric initiatives.
Feature Article
A how-to guide for clinical trial managers in implementing patient-centric approaches using today’s clinical study model.
How the adoption of electronic clinical outcome assessment in trials can drive increased communication and patient reporting of events.
A look at the unique compliance and patient safety hurdles—and subsequent interventions—for resource-limited trial sites with no prior experience.
Highlighting the six broad technology themes poised to transform future R&D.
A Closing Thought
With the term "innovation" a buzzword du jour these days, the important quest for industry is to reimagine R&D using its new capabilities to apply real-world evidence, patient engagement, and collaborative technologies.
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