Applied Clinical Trials November 2018

November 2018 | Volume 27, Issue 11
Applied Clinical Trials November 2018
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By Applied Clinical Trials Editors
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From the Editor
Blockchain is moving toward definitive uses in clinical trials to enhance clinical supply capabilities, with the potential of enabling data ownership for patients.
Agency programs aim to increase biomarkers and early advice to sponsors for more efficient and cost-effective clinical trials for rare disease.
Policy discussions include focus on targeted treatments on one side and wider access and prevention-over-treatment on the other.
Feature Article
Examining the practicality of implementing CM techniques to drive trial oversight efficiency while saving on-site monitoring resources and costs.
Pilot study compares a risk-based monitoring and remote trial management method with traditional on-site source data verification for trial oversight.
A Closing Thought
Pharma and diagnostics companies need to strengthen alignment in Alzheimer’s disease research—to help turn science and data into actionable medical innovations.
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