Applied Clinical Trials E-Books May 2017

May 2017 | Volume e5, Issue 1

Preclinical and Early Stage Research

  • Update on BioCelerate for Preclinical Collaboration
  • Modeling and Simulation in Clinical Trials: Real Potential or Hype?
  • Learning from Failure, Leveraging Biosimulation for Pediatric Drug Development Success
  • Successful Design of First-in-Human Trials
  • Bridging Preclinical to Clinical Development
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors
Translational medicine; bench-to-bedside; agile development. All these terms use updated processes, new technologies and data to inform decisions earlier in clinical development. Supported by expedited regulatory pathways, which require extensive safety monitoring to accompany these earlier approvals, has made the gaps between preclinical and clinical a looming reality.
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