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Medidata Wins Award for Innovative Mobile App That Engages Patients in Clinical Trials

Source: Company News Release
Medidata (NASDAQ: MDSO), the leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research in life sciences, won the Patient Engagement App Challenge (large organization category) at the 23rd Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials Conference with a unique mobile app. The award recognizes Engage, Medidata’s app prototype, for its potential to positively transform the clinical trial experience for study participants at a time when capturing the voice of the patient is becoming increasingly important.

An easy-to-use, device-agnostic app that patients can access via their personal smartphones or other mobile devices, Engage is designed to educate, engage and empower study participants. It complements Medidata Patient Cloud™, a solution for patient-centric data capture and management offered as part of the industry-leading Medidata Clinical Cloud™, a comprehensive, seamless technology platform for the planning, setup and execution of clinical trials.

“Medidata’s vision for transforming clinical trials is based on engaging patients in new and innovative ways,” said Glen de Vries, Medidata’s president. “By leveraging the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that study participants already have, we can provide continuous feedback as well as targeted messages to improve patient education, adherence, communications with their healthcare providers and outcomes.”

A team of Medidata engineers developed Engage during company-sponsored innovation time, a program Medidata put in place that allows employees to think creatively about solving problems and use technology in different ways. Engage creates new connections between patients, physicians and sponsors, but is built on top of Medidata’s industry-leading, cloud-based platform.

“While at this stage Engage is only a prototype, it is an example of how Medidata is innovating and developing new ideas for our platform and solution roadmaps,” said Michelle Marlborough, Medidata’s vice president of product strategy. “We have so many talented engineers at Medidata, and we are committed to supporting them with the time and freedom to be creative. They have great ideas with tremendous potential to transform drug development and make a real difference in the lives of patients.”


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