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New Clinical Trial Search Tool Supports Online Patient Recruitment

Source: Company News Release

Forte Research Systems, Inc, developers of the clinical trial management system, Allegro CTMS, is happy to announce its newest offering, the Allegro Clinical Trial Search. Available as an add-on feature, it allows clinical research sites that use Allegro CTMS the means to actively promote their studies on their website.

Patient recruitment for clinical trials has been a long-standing challenge among the clinical research industry, with many sites failing to meet their enrollment timelines or goals.  Therefore, sites must invest significant resources in their recruitment efforts.

The Allegro Clinical Trial Search supports these recruitment initiatives by providing up-to-date study information on an easy-to-search tool that can be linked directly from a site’s own website, thus, providing visibility and awareness of their enrolling studies.  According to a Pew Research study, 87% of American adults use the Internet.1  Without a dynamic web tool such as the Clinical Trial Search, sites could be missing a large demographic for their recruitment strategy.  That same study by Pew Research also reveals that 58% of American adults have smart phones1 – yet another advantage of the Clinical Trial Search tool, which is mobile-friendly.

For research sites
For the research site, this means that they do not need the technical expertise to update web pages.  Nor do they need to spend the time entering study information into multiple places.  All data shown in the Clinical Trial Search is synced with Allegro and exclusive to each customer’s own instance of Allegro.  Select data put into Allegro is then automatically displayed through the Clinical Trial Search website.  

For the public
For the general public and referring physicians, the search makes it easy to find a study relevant to them by filtering based on criteria such as disease or treatment type.  If an individual is interested in learning more about a particular study, they can email the site directly from a form within the search page.

As sponsors become increasingly selective on sites they work with, it is advantageous for research sites to prove their recruitment abilities and potential to fill studies.  Adding the Clinical Trial Search to Allegro CTMS is one of many ways sites can achieve this.

1. Source: Pew Research Center Internet Project Survey, January 9-12, 2014. N=1,006 adults


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