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Clinical Research App Gains International Approvals

Clinical Research App Gains International Approvals

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WASHINGTON, June 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- mProve Health's Trial Guide app takes off across numerous studies and is localized for more than 30 countries.  As smartphone penetration tops 65% in many developed countries, more and more Sponsors are seeing the benefit of offering a customized Study App to their patients, not only in the US, but internationally.  After all, most people have their phone within an arm's length 19 hours a day, and smartphone users often look at their phones more than 150 times per day.  Providing patients access to important study information through their mobile devise 24/7 helps patients feel more secure with their decision to participate and eases anxiety around upcoming visits.

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mProve Health's CEO Jeff Lee states, "It's the perfect complement to any study, and can store all the study information within one location.  Patients no longer have to be bogged down with print materials outlining the study requirements or visits expectations and Sites no longer have to remember to go to the closet and find the right educational card to supply patients at certain visits.  All the study information, that is specific to the patients visit, is securely housed in the Trial Guide App."

The App was designed to host all your typical study information, allows for quick, simple customization for each trial reducing costs and start up time.  The Trial Guide feature possibilities are endless:

  • Secure study branded app
  • Visit schedule
  • Library & FAQ
  • Dosing instructions
  • Reminders through SMS & push notifications
  • Educational Video capabilities
  • Survey tools
  • One touch Site Contact Call Information and Mapping capabilities

This breakthrough in Mobile Clinical Trial technology has helped Sponsors and study teams provide a more patient centric approach by supplying patients study information at their fingertips while keeping the study top of mind.  Trial Guide is offered alongside SMS, email and voice reminders so that patients can choose their preferred communication option. To learn more, please visit our website at

About mProve Health

mProve Health is a pioneer in the field of mobile health solutions.  We use mobile phone technologies to improve the conduct of global research studies and patient engagement for Biotech/Pharma/NGOs.  Our technology products and services enhance innovative studies that are advancing the field of scientific discovery in dozens of countries around the world. We are also developing consumer directed, mobile health solutions to support pharmaceutical drug products pre- and post-launch across multiple disease areas.

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