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Percolation Communications LLC Launches The Phoenix Chronicles

Percolation Communications LLC Launches The Phoenix Chronicles

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BLOOMSBURY, N.J., June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Percolation Communications LLC announces the formal launch of its online series The Phoenix Chronicles, a blog on groundbreaking scientific discoveries, the future of healthcare, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics research. This is not your average healthcare industry blog. Consistent with Percolation's mission, The Phoenix Chronicles provides readers with compelling content, viewing scientific and healthcare advances through a unique lens. "Don't underestimate the power of The Phoenix Chronicles and the possibility of reinventing oneself in a changing environment," says Kirsten Duncan, Sr. V.P., Percolation. "Our blog showcases the critical thinking, expert writing, and strategic approach we use to evaluate the market in new and unconventional ways – the factors that differentiate us and benefit our client-partners."

The first post, by Senior Medical Writer Anna Lau, PhD, examines the evolving landscape of clinical study design: "Should the 'Gold Standard' Be the Old Standard? A New Approach to Randomized Clinical Studies." It's a critical look at adaptive trial design, an effort to make clinical trials more relevant to real clinical practice. "We have to look beyond the traditional conduct of clinical studies to discover a better path to drug development," says Dr. Lau. She challenges the utility of classic randomized clinical trial design and describes how adaptive trial design might reshape the future of drug development.

Upcoming posts will cover: the controversies in our understanding of autism; medication adherence in the light of game theory; the impact of common data elements on big data analysis; and more. The Phoenix Chronicles can be accessed via the Percolation Communications LinkedIn page or via Join the discussion.

Percolation Communications LLC
Percolation Communications LLC ( ), a Blue Ocean Pharma company, was established in 2006 as a fully integrated scientific communications agency built on integrity, innovation, and excellence. Percolation applies proven theories and processes from other industries to medical marketing strategy development, and creates unique programs with a clear return on investment and the ingenuity to unearth truly market-moving opportunities.

Blue Ocean Pharma LLC
The Blue Ocean Pharma Group of companies consists of Percolation Communications LLC ( ), i.e. Strategy LLC ( ), and Powered 4 Significance LLC ( ). These three brands offer unique but complementary and services that provide synergistic support addressing client needs. To learn more about Blue Ocean Pharma, please visit us at .

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