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Articles by Peter O'Donnell

Peter O'Donnell

Peter O'Donnell is a freelance journalist who specializes in European health affairs and is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Bending Over Backwards to Get Transparency Right
April 14, 2014

The European Medicines Agency is determined to minimize opposition to its next moves on releasing clinical trial data.

Singular Approaches to Combination Trials
April 1, 2014

The advent of new drugs for tuberculosis is posing some interesting challenges for regulators in Europe.

Catching Up With Data Disclosure
March 31, 2014

With the European Union's new rules on clinical trials?including data access?approaching their final legislative stage, and the European Medicines Agency planning to announce its new rules on data disclosure within weeks, the European drug industry is still running to catch up with transparency issues.

Adaptive Licensing: the Start of a Slow Revolution in Europe
March 24, 2014

Adaptive licensing has leapt from the pages of learned journals into the real world of European regulation.

"Brexit" Prospects Challenge Medicine Makers Too
February 24, 2014

The just-published responses to a UK government evaluation of the merits and demerits of EU membership highlight some of the issues.

Can Rarity Value Lead to European Success?
February 19, 2014

Next week Europe will celebrate Rare Disease Day.

How Good is the EU for UK Pharma?
February 3, 2014

An insight into how EU membership impacts on medicines and pharmaceuticals has appeared from a British politician

New Horizons in Research Funding for EU
February 1, 2014

The European Union has a new research program, but will it help, or hinder, clinical trials?

Who's Watching the Watchdogs?
January 29, 2014

The drug industry and drug regulatory authorities have been among the most conspicuous targets of this intense monitoring



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