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eClinical Insights Leverages Logi Analytics for Clinical Intelligence

Source: Company News Release

Logi Analytics, the analytics everywhere company, today announced that eClinical Insights, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical trial intelligence software, has embedded Logi Info into its core applications, delivering comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, simplified reporting and rich visualizations for researchers, and a lightweight implementation for developers.

Cambridge, Mass.-based eClinical Insights is a technology solutions provider for the life sciences industry, offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that enable customers to take a data-driven approach to the management of clinical trials. The company's offerings include data operations management software that provides visibility into clinical trials and a clinical BI application that delivers interactive data visualizations of key performance metrics, risk indicators and data trends.

“We wanted our customers to spend less time building reports and more time gaining intelligence from them. That was our key criteria when searching for a BI tool, and Logi Analytics was the only company that delivered,” said Nick Neri, VP of product development, eClinical Insights. “The Logi Info Studio is easy enough for the everyday user to develop all the reports they need to do their job. The interface is very straightforward and the visualizations it creates allow our customers to analyze their data in an illuminating way.”

Since embedding Logi Info into its technology platform, eClinical Insights' customers have benefited from tremendous time savings, with reports taking just one quarter of the time to build. Improvements made to the visualizations library, including heat maps, have enabled researchers to understand adverse effects happening in clinical studies that were previously hidden. Researchers have also started to utilize sparklines, a Logi feature that helps them visualize trending and how subjects are tracking.

“Embedded analytics saves researchers days that were previously spent on building cumbersome reports. Ultimately, that’s the goal of analytics – to derive valuable insight from analysis, not to waste precious time with complicated algorithms, complex tools and solutions that no longer fit modern needs,” said Brett Jackson, CEO, Logi Analytics. “By leveraging Logi Info, eClinical Insights is empowering its end users with a rich data visualization tool that is accessible to everyone, not just data scientists.”


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