ClinTech Articles

A Look at Independent E-Signatures to Limit the Paper Burden in Clinical Trials

By Pem Guerry

Across the pharmaceutical industry, advances in digital technology play a key role in driving the efficiency of the drug development process, particularly for clinical trials.

How Technology Can Help ClinOps Leaders Build a Quality Culture

By Jud Gardner

Clinical trials are time sensitive, costly endeavors with high-risk and high-expectations at every juncture.

Top 6 Hurdles to Implementing eSource

By Applied Clinical Trials Editors

What keeps organizations from implementing eSource technologies? This survey targets the reasons.

Three Categories Influencing Clinical Trial Data Quality

By Moe Alsumidaie, Beat Widler, PhD, Peter Schiemann, PhD

The aforementioned article emphasized that a reduction in data quality ultimately leads to enrolling more clinical trial subjects in order to maintain equivalent statistical power.

Expediting Study Startup Across the Globe

By Craig Morgan

The need for more efficient clinical trials is driving greater use of cloud-based solutions, especially with the rise in globalization

ClinTech News

BioClinica Announces eHealth App xChange

Sep 03, 2015

BioClinica’s eHealth App xChange provides access to an ecosystem of integrated mobile and cloud applications.

Kayentis Chooses SFR M2M for Roaming

Sep 02, 2015

Kayentis, a French software provider specialized in solutions for clinical trials, has chosen SFR Business Team for its M2M roaming in close to 250 countries.

PPD Implements Web-based Event Adjudication System

Sep 02, 2015

PPD and CISYS LifeSciences announced PPD’s implementation of Sequence WebEAS, a new Web-based event adjudication system, through a collaboration between the two companies.