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Applied Clinical Trials: Apr 02, 2015
The emergence of risk-based monitoring (RbM) is creating a revolution in the way biopharmaceutical sponsors and CROs manage clinical trial quality.
Applied Clinical Trials: Mar 31, 2015
Evaluating the use of new tumor measurement tools for studies of molecular-targeted cancer therapies.
Applied Clinical Trials: Mar 22, 2015
Palatin Technologies is a biotech company focused on developing targeted, receptor-specific, peptide therapeutics for the treatment of diseases with significant, unmet medical needs and commercial potential.
Applied Clinical Trials: Mar 04, 2015
Many years before the FDA offered its eSource Guidance in September 2013, Sirion Therapeutics launched its first two pivotal Phase III studies using entirely electronic source data collection.
Applied Clinical Trials: Feb 27, 2015
Just two years ago there were more than 100,000 health-related apps available for download just from Apple’s iTunes Store and Google’s Play Store. This year, it is estimated that more than a third or 500 million of the estimated 1.4 billion global smartphone users will have installed some type of mobile medical application.
Applied Clinical Trials: Feb 11, 2015
mHealth technologies have the power to comprehensively collect large volumes of objective data that is reliable, secure and analysis-ready, and provides real-time, continuous insight into the well being of patients.
Applied Clinical Trials: Jan 15, 2015
The drive to accelerate drug development has highlighted the benefit in using RTSM systems within early phase cohort trials.
Applied Clinical Trials: Dec 22, 2014
All signs indicate that 2015 should be another good year for contract research organizations (CROs).
Applied Clinical Trials: Aug 04, 2014
Pharmaceutical sponsors conducting clinical trials in the Asia Pacific region have a rare opportunity at hand...
Applied Clinical Trials: Jun 23, 2014
The clinical trials world is starting to adapt computer-aided design.

ClinTech News

ERT Announces Availability of Insights Cloud

By Applied Clinical Trials Editorial Staff

ERT announced the launch of the Insights Cloud™, a suite of data analytics, visualization, and workflow applications.

Clinical Conductor Adds CTMS Features to Facilitate Dynamic Research

By Applied Clinical Trials Editorial Staff

The team behind Clinical Conductor CTMS recently debuted new functionality that allows healthcare organizations to better manage adaptive and dynamic clinical research that is becoming more relevant in the industry every year.

ArisGlobal Announces Cloud-based Electronic Trial Master File Solution

By Applied Clinical Trials Editorial Staff

ArisGlobal, a leading provider of solutions to the life sciences industry, has today announced the availability of agFileMaster; a Cloud-based electronic trial master file.