Compared: Device Regulations in Japan, China, and UK

Feb 12, 2014

Regulations for the development of medical devices in Japan, China, and the UK will come under scrutiny during a workshop to be held in London on March 20.

The Asia-Pacific Technology Network is organizing the event, with the support of Global Regulatory Services (GRS). Among the speakers will be David Jefferys, MD, Senior Vice-President of Eisai Medical Research and the former Chief Executive and Director of the UK Medical Devices Agency of the Department of Health. He will discuss medical device regulations in Japan, including recent developments and combination products.

By 2017, the global medical device market will be worth around US $434.4 billion, amounting to an annual average growth of 7.1% from 2012, and increasing numbers of devices are hybrids, which combine a device with a medicine, according to the organizers. Pre-filled syringes are an example of a combination product. 

“Pharma companies can no longer rely on discovering the next blockbuster, and they are being forced to diversify in order to remain viable; therefore, many are now turning to devices as their next revenue stream. Increasing healthcare costs are helping to drive the growing medical device industry,” they noted in a statement.

For further details on the workshop, contact [email protected]

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