Privacy Analytics Announces Clinical Trial Data Sharing Solution

Jun 18, 2014
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors

Privacy Analytics, Inc. announced the availability of a new solution designed to enable pharmaceutical companies to share clinical trials data while protecting the privacy of the individual patients. Privacy Analytics' Open Clinical Trials Data Review, which runs on the company's automated risk-assessment, data request, PARAT software, compares existing industry anonymization approaches and finds privacy gaps.

The new offering accelerates the ability of pharmaceutical companies to meet increasing requests for individual-level participant data and clinical study reports by academic institutions, patients and other third-parties.

For privacy, regulatory and medical affairs executives, Privacy Analytics now provides:

  • An assessment of current in-house approaches for clinical trials data anonymization;
  • Common standards and practices for evaluating and managing the risk of clinical trials data for release to third-parties; and
  • Enterprise-level automation solutions for scaling clinical trial data anonymization.

Read the full release here.


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