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TransCelerate Site Qualification/Training Update

Aug 08, 2016

By Moe Alsumidaie

TransCelerate has launched 11 informational programs through its Site Qualification and Training (SQT) initiative to improve understanding of clinical operations for new site personnel. Katarina Hugeneck of Eli Lilly and Theresa Stewart of Allergan discuss the SQT initiative with Moe Alsumidaie.

Medical Device Body of Knowledge Training Strategy

Jul 19, 2016

By Michael Towse

To provide more targeted training and validate understanding to employees, it is important to establish baseline knowledge. This case study explores how Chiltern developed its Medical Device Body of Knowledge training program.

Enhanced Site Training, Resources, and Communication

Mar 02, 2016

By Jennifer M. Eastabrook, Daniella McCrorie, Shawn Patterson Baker, Ruth Cannata

Survey drills down on the preferences and experiences of site personnel in critical function areas such as site initiation and monitoring, training, sponsor interaction, and patient recruitment and retention.

DrugDev Debuts Site Activation Module this Week

Feb 22, 2016

By Lisa Henderson

On Wednesday, DrugDev is debuting its Site Activation Module at the SCOPE Summit. The company believes the module will greatly improve all tasks of site activation, from protocol feasibility, site identification and selection, to contracts and the collection of site regulatory documents.

Patient-Centric Alzheimer’s Disease Trials

Feb 03, 2016

By Moe Alsumidaie

This case study describes how innovative structural design at a study site is leveraging innovative telehealth technologies and nursing home infrastructures to recruit and retain Alzheimer’s patients.

Sites News

SCRS Announces Site Scholarships

SCRS announces Site Scholarships sponsored by Total Clinical Trial Management (TCTM).

inVentiv Health Expands Partnership with SCRS

The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) has expanded its relationship with inVentiv Health.

INC Research Launches Vaccine Catalyst Site Network

INC Research announces the launch of its Vaccine Catalyst Site Network.

INC Research Certified Through IAOCR Program

INC Research has achieved the “Bronze Standard” from the IAOCR’s Clinical Operations Workforce Quality Accreditation program.

Bioclinica Acquires Compass Research

Bioclinica announces the acquisition of Orlando, Florida based Compass Research.

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