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Aligning Data Entry and Site Payment Incentives For Clinical Trials and Patients

Sep 28, 2017

By Linda B. Sullivan, Keith W. Dorricott

With recent reports indicating that organizations do not have a way of tracking and managing the timeliness of data entry or of site payments, The Metrics Champion Consortium wanted to see if there were opportunities to align incentives in the industry so that both sites and sponsors can achieve their goals with positive impact on clinical trials and patients.

The Enrollment Rescue Dilemma: How Sponsors and Sites Can Make the Most of a Tough Situation

Sep 07, 2017

By Pete Fronte, Beth Harper

Survey uncovers key best practices that sponsors, CROs, and sites should consider when faced with patient enrollment challenges.

Bridging the Gap for Better Patient Engagement

May 31, 2017

By Denise Calaprice-Whitty, Jennifer Byrne, Jeremy Gilbert

A survey from the Avoca Group examines issues related to quality of clinical trials and trial participation from the patients' view.

A Successful Study: The Principal Investigator’s Perspective

May 09, 2017

By Dr George Atiee

Dr. George Atiee shares his perspectives, from that of the principal investigator, on how stakeholders can execute a successful study.

Mobile Research Nursing - Bringing the Trial to the Patient

May 01, 2017

By Helen Springford, Peter Allan

The ability to carry out clinical trial visits in a patient’s home, workplace or location of choice is still an uncommon concept. However, mobile trained research nurses can expand on this idea by conducting ‘off-site’ study visits.

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