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Sep 21, 2016
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One of the most common concerns voiced by clinical trial sponsors and CROs is the migration of existing paper instruments to an electronic platform. Where do we start? How do we ensure a smooth migration? What can we do to ensure regulatory requirements are satisfied? If you share in these concerns, please download our latest eBook, "Paper to eCOA: A Guide to Migration," to learn the necessary steps and key considerations for a successful migration. Download the guide now to ensure your next migration process is straightforward and hassle-free.
Aug 31, 2016
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In this eBook, industry leaders Validic, Quintiles and Duke Clinical Research Institute explore the four categories of digital health technologies--wearable fitness devices, clinical devices, sensors and applications—and discuss what each category includes, endpoints they collect and how they’re being used in trials today.
Aug 10, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
BBK Worldwide’s eBook offers firsthand perspectives from leading innovators on the current state of mHealth and its future potential in shaping the increasingly complex and patient-centric healthcare landscape. Industry experts from the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Be the Partner, Landon Pediatric Foundation and Apptomics weigh in on the challenges and opportunities in the implementation and evolution of mobile healthcare solutions.
Jul 13, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
When a protocol calls for the collection of clinical outcome assessments, there are a number of factors which you must consider when it comes to deciding which method to implement in order to achieve the highest quality data outcomes. This eBook is designed to increase your knowledge about the range of eCOA modalities available in the market and aims to help you partner with your eCOA vendor to make well-informed choices regarding the best option for your unique study parameters.
Jun 01, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
Description: Thanks to its ability to provide more complete data collection, boost patient compliance and manage study data and subjects in real-time, eCOA solutions are demonstrating improved data quality, reliability, integrity and traceability across clinical trials of all sizes and complexities. With eCOA proving invaluable for clinical trials, it is important for those who may still have doubts to take a step back from all the industry noise surrounding its perceived barriers and get to know the true differences its implementation can bring.
May 20, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
Today, conducting good clinical trials in hematological malignancies requires an understanding of a rapidly evolving treatment paradigm that is increasingly nuanced, complex and patient-directed. Sponsors developing hematological oncology therapies must capitalize on the principles and infrastructures shared by solid tumor oncology trials while adapting endpoints, study designs and data management as well as considering patients’ experiences to address the particular challenges related to investigating candidate treatments for blood-based cancers. This paper examines the nuances of effectively and successfully conducting hematological oncology clinical trials.
May 13, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
While the use of electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs) is becoming widespread, a mentality still exists for paper being the “gold-standard” when it comes to trial questionnaire design. But moving beyond a “paper mindset” offers new pools of data sources, creates new ways of running studies, and significantly impacts the way clinical trials are run. In this illustrated eBook, CRF Health provides new and unique perspectives on electronic questionnaire design.
Apr 29, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
In the white paper, industry leaders Validic, Biogen and Medidata discuss how digital health is poised to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry and revolutionize the clinical trial process and medication adherence. Download this free white paper today to learn more about identifying the potential digital health has in the pharmaceutical industry, the real-world value of digital health data and early victories of digital health.
Apr 20, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
The new whitepaper, “Digital Capabilities for Clinical Trials in Africa,” discusses how the lack of traditional technology infrastructure in underserved populations offers a “blank slate” environment in which to build new digital models that can be designed to advance research processes worldwide.
Apr 08, 2016
Applied Clinical Trials
The design and implementation of an effective eCOA solution can be safeguarded by working through a number of defined steps throughout the course of a clinical trial. This overview demonstrates a high-level project flow for successful integration of eCOA technology from initial project scoping through to study close. Following these steps will help ensure a successful trial outcome for all eCOA-powered study programs.
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