ACRES and Fujitsu Unveil New Partnership Deal

Aug 06, 2014

Fujitsu, the Japanese information and communication technology company, and the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) have linked up to address challenges facing the development of medicines and health-related research endeavors.

Fujitsu and ACRES are establishing a technical working party, the ACRES-Fujitsu Technology Innovation Group, to explore closer alignment of electronic medical records (EMRs) and clinical research information systems, which they regard as an essential step toward enabling innovative systems capabilities, including remote risk-based monitoring, online electronic auditing, and real-time pharmacovigilance safety monitoring.

The partnership is part of a larger collaborative effort, the ACRES Technology Consortium, to work out how information and communications technology can be more innovatively and effectively applied within the healthcare and health-research domains in Japan and across the ACRES Global Technology Network, in support of ACRES global system for clinical research.

“We are honored to have Fujitsu, Ltd. as our newest ally and strategic partner,” said Al Pacino, ACRES Vice-President for Collaborative Network Development. “Fujitsu’s expertise brings extraordinary resources to ACRES global technology initiatives—this is a major milestone.  Successful integration of electronic health records and clinical trials information greatly furthers ACRES goal to get safe, effective medicines to the people who need them as efficiently as possible.”

 Head of Fujitsu’s Next Generation Healthcare Innovation Center, Hirofumi Gouda, notes that “Fujitsu has high expectations that ACRES efforts and the Global Network System will not only greatly improve Quality Cost Delivery in the related areas in clinical trials and clinical research, but also become a very important collaborative platform for helping creating a new knowledge base, including an evolving collaboration with stakeholders in healthcare and life science worldwide.”

ACRES President and CEO, Dr. Greg Koski, added, “Emerging from the efforts of Dr. Kyoko Imamura and our colleagues at ACRES Japan, including its President, Dr Fumimaro Takaku, our partnership with Fujitsu is a landmark event. The decision of one of the world’s leading technology companies to join the ACRES Alliance attests to the power of systems thinking and multi-sector collaboration. The world of medicines development is undergoing transformation, and Fujitsu is helping ACRES Allies envision and build the future.”

Read the full release here.

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