Peer-Reviewed Articles

Is There a Link Between Recruitment and Social Media?

By Yves Geysels, Vincent Schroyens, Jessica Van Den Broeck

A survey of Belgian clinical research professionals offers insights into the future of social media

Managing Portfolios to Deliver Economic and Clinical Value

By Rita E. Numerof, PhD, Michael J. Kuchenreuther, PhD, Jill E. Sackman, DVM, PhD

The importance of focusing on both outcomes as early as possible in the product development cycle.

eSource Records in Clinical Research: Keeping it Simple

By Jules T. Mitchel, Jonathan Helfgott, Tom Haag, Silvana Cappi, Imogene McCanless, Yong Joong Kim, Joonhyuk Choi, Timothy Cho, Dean A. Gittleman

There has been a recent thrust within the pharmaceutical industry to promote the transformation of the clinical trial process.

Determining Participation in Ukraine

By Nataliia Vietchinkina

Survey shows what keeps Ukrainians away from clinical trials.


How Will mHealth Transform Clinical Trials?

By Moe Alsumidaie

The introduction of easily worn biosensors, such as FitBit, Garmin’s Vivofit, and Apple’s iWatch, have created a large influx of interest in the area of mobile health (mHealth).

How Clinical Technologies and Health Advances are Disrupting Payers

By Moe Alsumidaie

Changes in biopharmaceutical R&D strategies and Technological innovations in clinical research are challenging payers on evaluating novel therapeutics and their involvement in the R&D process.

Precision Medicine Now and in the Future: Implications for Phase I Trials

By Dr. David Sahner

The catalog of theranostic markers (TMs), which consists of biomarkers that help to identify patient populations best poised to respond favorably to a specific therapy, continues to expand.

Data Analysis

Challenges to Implementing mHealth

A recent survey conducted by Applied Clinical Trials and SCORR Marketing on mHealth in Clinical Trials.

Latin American Investigators

As part of a global 4,000 site mail and on-line survey, we examined the reasons behind Latin American clinical investigators decision to take part in clinical research.

Oncology Dominates Personalized Medicine

Study finds that almost 75% of cancer drug candidates rely on biomarker data.


Cloud Computing: Security in Clinical Trials

By Arthur Wang

There is a lot of buzz about “the cloud.” Formally known as cloud computing, the cloud relies on sharing of Information Technology (IT) resources.

Personalized Medicine and Companion Diagnostics

By Brian D. Bollwage, JD

The era of personalized medicine is fast approaching and, in many therapeutic areas such as oncology, is already underway.

Business and People: June 2015

By Miraj Barodia

Stay up to date on the latest updates within the Pharma Industry.



Risk-Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials 

This latest, updated eBook on Risk-Based Monitoring from Applied Clinical Trials includes the latest information on the topic being discussed around clinical trials. Includes pitfalls to avoid when implementing an RBM strategy, and an update on Cancer Research UK's implementation.



Clinical Trials Project Management 

Every trial starts with a budget, and a clinical trial study start-up process that can be fraught with delays. From contract negotiations, to managing a trial for a sponsor, to streamlining study start-up process, this eBook seeks to instruct others on best practices.



Real World Evidence in a Clinical Trials World

With a growing need for post-marketing safety databases, and increased need to collect qualitative information from patients in the pre- and post-market of a drug the evidence gathering from clinical trials onward is expanding.