ePharmaSolutions' ReferralPlus Increases Match Rate For Clinical Trial Volunteers By More than 66%

Apr 16, 2014
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors

ePharmaSolutions, a provider of eClinical solutions, announced positive results of initial pilot studies for its patient matching and triaging solution, ReferralPlus™. ReferralPlus™ was designed by ePharmaSolutions as a tool to match patients who disqualify for one study with others they might qualify for using a geo-therapeutic matching algorithm with other studies listed on their technology.

In 2012, ePharmaSolutions organized more than 30 major pharmaceutical companies and CROs to participate in the pilots to determine if they could help increase enrollment rates by triaging/matching patients who disqualified from one clinical trial to trials listed by other participating sponsors. The pilots started at the end of 2013 with the early results showing a significant improvement in cross-study matching which will offer significant economic advantages to pharmaceutical companies recruiting patients while providing patients with more opportunities to find for the right study.

The pilot data came from three pharmaceutical companies who listed their studies on the CenterWatch™ web listing service and used the ReferralPlus™ screening and matching solution. None of the pilot studies included an advertising outreach budget.

The results are summarized below:

  • 33% of the total patients who screened for one study were eligible for and referred to a study site
  • 18% of patients who disqualified from the first study, pre-qualified and were referred to another study
  • 50% of patients who disqualified for any of the studies listed, registered to be contacted about future studies

Read the full release here.

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