Investigator Databank Expands Members and Launches Website

May 27, 2014
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors
Novartis, Janssen, Merck (MSD outside the United States and Canada), Lilly, and Pfizer have joined with DrugDev in hosting a repository of specific investigator information as part of the Investigator Databank. In addition, investigators can now access the Investigator Databank through the launch of http://www.investigatordatabank.org. Through this website, investigators can securely log in, view and add to their information kept on file by the participating pharmaceutical companies or DrugDev.

The new website http://www.investigatordatabank.org enables the upload of standard essential documents such as CVs, GCP training certificates, and non-study specific site profile forms into a global repository, eliminating some of the repetitive, administrative tasks associated with study feasibility, site qualification, and site start-up.

With five member companies now on board, the Investigator Databank has grown to include nearly 180,000 investigators, 50,000 sites and 7,335 studies.

Read the full release here.
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