KCR Expands in UK & Germany and Moves on to France

Mar 06, 2014

KCR, the CRO operating in 18 countries in Europe as well as the US, has opened new offices in London and Berlin, and is now turning its attention to France.

“I am very excited seeing KCR strengthening its visibility across Western Europe, particularly in the UK and Germany, where we have already been enjoying partnerships with locally based or represented companies,” says Mike Jagielski, CEO of KCR. “Having our own entities registered in these countries will make our collaboration even stronger. It will also equip KCR with local law benefits and make our business cooperation easier. The next country we will aim for is France.”

KCR has operated in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States since 1997. Having a local team in each of the offices gives the company insight into local regulations, and has also helped to build extensive relationships with key opinion leaders and principal investigators, according to the CRO.

KCR offers three types of professional contract research services: clinical development services, functional service provision and post-marketing clinical services, in a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.

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