OmniComm Systems' Risk-Based Monitoring Survey Results

Aug 12, 2015

OmniComm Systems, a global provider of clinical data management technology, announced survey results from respondents that included 16 sponsor organizations and 13 contract research organizations (CROs). The results indicate a significant movement forward in the industry towards active risk-based monitoring (RBM) adoption with 76% of the organizations reporting that they are either already executing RBM studies (45%) or planning to initiate RBM studies during this year (31%). The survey further elucidated differences in RBM adoption between CROs and sponsors. 33% of CROs have already initiated RBM studies compared to 53% of sponsors. This result re-enforces the relative hesitance that many have observed from the CRO industry with respect to RBM. The value potential of RBM is often less immediately recognized by CROs vs. sponsors, and many instead perceive a threat to study revenues related to site monitoring. 


Read the full release here.

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