Peer-Reviews Revisited: Why You Should Read Today

Jun 10, 2014
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors

As part of an ongoing series, we look back at past peer-reviewed articles and examine their impact and importance today.

1. Boost Trial Success with Blinded Enrollment Review

2. PK in Late Stage Trials Pays Dividends

3. Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing a Plus

4. Automation Comes to RTSM

5. Moving Toward Personalized Healthcare

6. Better Contract Negotiations Improve Trial Efficiency

7. Assess and Mitigate Risk in Clinical Trials

8. Objective Internal Monitoring Can Improve Trial Conduct, Results

9. Power Past the Plateau to FSP Success

10. Top Reasons Patients Join Clinical Trials

11. Top 3 Skills For Clinical Trial Project Manager

12. 10 Reasons to Make the Baltic States A Location for Your Next Clinical Trial

13. 87 Questions To Consider: A Must-Read Guide To Assessing Key Areas of a DIY EDC Option for Your Company

14. Do Oncology Clinical Trials Need PR?

15. Everything You Need to Know About Imaging Analytics For Clinical Trials

16. 3 Ps Of Personal Trial Negotiation: An Expert Shares His Secrets

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