Select Clinical Trials Launches New Clinical Trial Search Engine Website

Sep 05, 2014
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors

Select Clinical Trials (SCT) announced the launch of its website designed to help identify clinical trials for common illnesses and medical conditions and provide the public with an easy-to-use resource to locate clinical studies.

The SCT website contains a directory of available clinical trials, which allows individuals interested in volunteering as trial participants to search based on doctor, therapeutic area, medical condition or zip code. The site provides detailed information about each clinical trial listed such as eligibility criteria, compensation to participants, location, the name of the coordinator and the name of the principal investigator. Clinical trials target both healthy individuals and people living with a specific medical condition. All clinical trials are open to residents of the United States, with age requirements specific to each trial. The new website also features a complete listing of doctors and sites who are currently offering clinical trials. Interested volunteers can research information about the clinical trials before deciding whether to participate. They can also view associated clinical trials and areas of expertise.

Angela Strong, President and CEO of Select Clinical Trials was formerly with Copernicus IRB and Schulman Associates IRB.

Read the full release here.

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