Society for Clinical Research Sites' Global Impact Partner Program Experiences Rapid Growth, Welcomes Four New Members

Jun 13, 2014
By Applied Clinical Trials Editors

Leading sponsor and CRO organizations continue to join the Society for Clinical Research Sites' (SCRS) Global Impact Partner (GIP) program at a rapid pace. Since April 1, INC Research, inVentiv Health, Novartis and Sanofi have joined the SCRS GIP program. From its inception only one year ago, the initiative has quickly grown to 25 leading organizations.

Global Impact Partners participate on the SCRS Global Impact Board at an executive level and work in tandem with the SCRS Leadership Council. They serve as strategic partners and help set key initiatives for the Society to elevate site performance and enhance site sustainability.

"Industry continues to respond enthusiastically to a unified community of sites, and to the concept that sites should no longer be the underrepresented partner in the clinical research process," said SCRS President Christine Pierre. "Sites represent a critical link between industry and patient, and have an incredible stake in every step of clinical discovery. Leveraging this unified voice will provide processes and operational efficiencies to improve sustainability for everyone involved in clinical research."

The newest Global Impact Partners join 21 other world-class organizations who have embraced collaboration as a key to site sustainability. The SCRS Global Impact Partners now include:

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