Applied Clinical Trials-11-01-2003

Applied Clinical Trials

Squeezing the European Union Into Shape

November 01, 2003

View from Brussels

Even as the EU implementation deadline looms, clear clinical trial definitions remain elusive.

A Clinical Development Solution Tailored for Biopharmaceutical Companies

November 01, 2003

Notes from the Field

The rapid evolution of the biopharmaceutical industry has lead more and more companies to focus on the clinical development of their drug candidates, thus presenting the challenge of selecting the optimal strategy for conducting their clinical programs. Typically, biopharmaceutical companies have had three options: out-licensing their product, setting up their own clinical development operations, or outsourcing the clinical development to contract research organizations (CROs).

When to Hold ?Em, When to Fold ?Em

November 01, 2003

Process Improvement

Moving ineffective personnel out of critical positions can be a difficult but necessary management task.

Recruitment Rates and Data Quality -- Are They Linked?

November 01, 2003

Feature Article

Clinical trials sponsors seek quick subject enrollment and high data quality, expressed by both strict adherence to good clinical practice (GCP) requirements and completeness and correctness of the data collected from investigative sites. However, the most informative sources of detailed information on data quality such as site monitoring visit reports, sponsor, and CRO audit reports are maintained as strictly confidential documents and are not publicly disseminated. Therefore, a substantial proportion of the information on data quality in clinical research that is available to the general public is based on anecdotal reports rather than well-referenced and organized observations. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration found no evidence of poor GCP compliance during inspections in the emerging clinical research countries, including Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.1-2

NIH Seeks to Re-Engineer Clinical Research System

November 01, 2003

View from Washington

New initiatives would form networks and harmonize standards to translate basic research into needed treatments.