2012 DIA Exhibitor Gallery

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Applied Clinical Trials

DIA Exhibitor Gallery. You are invited to visit the following company booths at DIA.

You are invited to visit these DIA 2012 booths:

Booth No. 1539Catalentwww.calatent.com

Phone: +1 888 SOLUTION (7658846)

Booth No. 1733Cromsourcewww.cromsource.com

Phone: +39 045 8222811

Booth No. 2725ERTwww.ert.com

Contact: Tom Avery
Phone: 215-972-0420
E-mail: eresearch@ert.com

Booth No. 1951Forte Research Systemswww.forteresearch.com
Contact: Brian Wulff
Phone: 608-826-6000
E-mail: Allegro@ForteResearch.com


Booth No. 1148Globalcare Clinical Trialswww.globalcarect.com
Phone: 847-282-3280
E-mail: info@globalcarect.com

Booth No. 2112LabCorpwww.labcorp.com/clinicaltrials
Contat: Shailesh Maingi
Phone: 877-788-8861
E-mail: clintrialssales@labcorp.com

Booth No. 2441REGISTRAT-MAPIwww.registratmapi.com
Phone: 800-381-7878
E-mail: info@registratmapi.com

Booth No. 2533Spectra Clinical Research www.spectraclinicalresearch.com

Phone: 800-517-7157
E-mail: sales.spectraclinicalresearch@fmc-na.com