2012 DIA Exhibitor Gallery

May 30, 2012

Applied Clinical Trials

DIA Exhibitor Gallery. You are invited to visit the following company booths at DIA.

You are invited to visit these DIA 2012 booths:

Booth No. 1539Catalentwww.calatent.com

Phone: +1 888 SOLUTION (7658846)

Booth No. 1733Cromsourcewww.cromsource.com

Phone: +39 045 8222811

Booth No. 2725ERTwww.ert.com

Contact: Tom Avery
Phone: 215-972-0420
E-mail: eresearch@ert.com

Booth No. 1951Forte Research Systemswww.forteresearch.com
Contact: Brian Wulff
Phone: 608-826-6000
E-mail: Allegro@ForteResearch.com

Booth No. 1148Globalcare Clinical Trialswww.globalcarect.com
Phone: 847-282-3280
E-mail: info@globalcarect.com

Booth No. 2112LabCorpwww.labcorp.com/clinicaltrials
Contat: Shailesh Maingi
Phone: 877-788-8861
E-mail: clintrialssales@labcorp.com

Booth No. 2441REGISTRAT-MAPIwww.registratmapi.com
Phone: 800-381-7878
E-mail: info@registratmapi.com

Booth No. 2533Spectra Clinical Research www.spectraclinicalresearch.com

Phone: 800-517-7157
E-mail: sales.spectraclinicalresearch@fmc-na.com