45th DIA Annual Meeting Series


DIA Annual Meeting

Meet DIA's Program Chair
Nancy D. Smith, PhD, former director, office of training and communications, CDER, FDA, discusses this year's meeting theme, "Better Medicines: Improving Safety with Every Step," and the CDER Town Meeting that has become a DIA staple.

Rewards for Subjects, an Ethical Dilemma?
Felix Gyi, PharmD, MBA, CEO of Chesapeake Research Review discusses ethical rewards for patients in clinical studies and how the relationships between pharma and health care professionals affects subject recruitment and retention.

Behind-the-Scenes with Regulatory Affairs
How has the role of Regulatory Affairs evolved? Armed with results from a Tufts CSDD 2008/2009 study, Kenneth Getz, MBA, explains how, providing a vivid analysis of the expectations, responsibilities, and required skills of today´s Regulatory Affairs professional.

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