4G Clinical Launches Innovative 4C Supply Software


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 4G Clinical has announced the launch of 4C Supply, a clinical supply optimization software powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). The new product addresses the increased pressures on clinical supply professionals to continuously adapt to new trial information as protocol complexity continues to rise.

Clinical supply professionals are tasked with assessing the impact of protocol revisions, sometimes as soon as the initial protocol version is approved. Supply impact assessments are critical, and time sensitive, and traditional supply software solutions are slow to respond and challenging to interpret without extensive knowledge of statistical algorithms.

4C Supply utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to turn study parameters from plain English into detailed forecasts, allowing supply managers to modify supply models as frequently as needed without effort, with full transparency into inputs and a direct correlation to its outputs.

"Over the past year, 4G Clinical has collaborated with bio/pharma clinical supply professionals to verify the industry need for an improved solution and pressure test the development of 4C Supply," says Jan Pieter Kappelle, Vice President of Strategy at 4G Clinical. "We have been incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated group of advisors and we are excited to announce the launch of what we believe is a game-changer for clinical supply professionals."

"To be involved in the creation of an innovative clinical supply software solution from the onset has been a valued opportunity for us," says Darrin Sloan, Senior Manager, Clinical Supply at Eisai. "We are excited for the commercial launch of 4C Supply and the benefit it will bring to supply managers across the industry."

In addition to early collaborators, 4G Clinical has also extended early access to 4C Supply to several of their Prancer RTSM customers.

"4G Clinical's RTSM has completely changed the way we have built studies and managed our supplies," says Karen McNamara, Senior Director, Product Development at Infinity Pharmaceuticals. "We are incredibly excited to be an early-adopter of 4C Supply and look forward to our continued partnership with 4G Clinical."

"The launch of 4C Supply is a testament to 4G Clinical's commitment to accelerating clinical trials," says David Kelleher, CEO of 4G Clinical. "Managing the complexity of clinical supply in a more efficient and intuitive manner better enables patients to receive the right medication at exactly the right time."

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