A Look at the Current State of Sites


New models such as IROs are changing the way industry views the current site landscape and addressing challenges.

Jimmy Bechtel, MBA, vice president of site engagement for the Society of Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) discusses his career path and how he became so interested in clinical trial sites. He also addresses some of the most pressing challenges sites are currently seeing as well as the solutions SCRS is working on to address them.

About the speaker

Jimmy Bechtel, MBA started his career as a finance analyst intern for the Corvallis Clinic and eventually moved up the ladder to clinical research operations coordinator. Following his time there, he worked with Eli Lilly as a consultant until 2018. Since, Jimmy has been with SCRS. First as senior project manager, then director of innovation of engagement, and now his current role as VP of site engagement which he started in 2021.

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