AARDEX Partners with Mevia to Test Real-Time Adherence Technology


AARDEX Group has announced its partnership with Mevia. The partnership is an opportunity to test and pilot Mevia’s reusable hardware, which transmits when a dose is extracted, with AARDEX’s MEMS AS and MEMS Mobile technology.

MEMS AS medication adherence software measures medication adherence in clinical trials, while MEMS Mobile provides an app helping participants to stay on track.

Mepill and Medose detect when a trace is broken and transfers data on the exact dose taken. The user is updated through an e-ink display or a LED light on the device. Fully reusable, the cavities of the dose packages can be filled in automated machines by the pharmacy, ontract manufacturing organization, or manually.


AARDEX Partners with Mevia to Test Evolution of Real-Time Adherence Technology. (2023, June 12). AARDEX Group.

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