AccrualNet: A New NCI Online Resource to Support Clinical Trial Patient Accrual

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Company News Release

The National Cancer Institute announced the launch of a new online resource, AccrualNet, in response to needs expressed by clinical trials professionals and investigators. Despite dedicated clinical trial recruitment efforts, successful accrual remains a challenge -  only 3-5% of potentially eligible cancer patients enroll in clinical trials. AccrualNet is designed for practicing professionals to support clinical trial accrual needs. The Web site is a repository for literature and other resources and  serves as a 'community of practice' to encourage dialog and discussion. AccrualNet includes:

  • Linkable access to existing tools and materials your colleagues are using  

  • A searchable list of published journal articles on clinical trial recruitment  

  • A space to ask questions and share experiences and strategies  

  • Training opportunities available to orient and educate  new staff to successful recruitment strategies