Achieve the Highest Protein Expression Yet with New CleanCap® M6 Analog


As the leader in nucleic acid synthesis and manufacturing for more than 25 years, TriLink is determined to deliver the most effective innovations to empower your novel vaccines and therapies.

Now, we’re proud to introduce the latest in our proprietary CleanCap® technology – CleanCap® M6. This innovative analog combines the modification of 3’OMe on the m7-Guanosine and the additional methyl modification on the +1 Adenosine to help improve mRNA potency with the highest protein expression of any CleanCap analog yet.

Order the newest analog in the CleanCap family, CleanCap M6, today and see how you can:

  • Increase protein expression by +30%
  • Achieve a potentially more potent mRNA than enzymatically capped constructs
  • Generate the optimal Cap1 structure with more than 95% efficiency

Additionally, this next-generation analog promoted higher protein translation (FLuc) than observed with other CleanCap analogs, according to internal comparison studies. This enables you to boost the potency of your mRNA drug substance.

A Foundation of Innovation

Since the launch of our original CleanCap analog in 2017, TriLink has continued to revolutionize mRNA capping strategies using this one-pot solution. In fact, this groundbreaking technology was used by a leading vaccine manufacturer to create a COVID-19 vaccine, demonstrating the true value of innovative CleanCap technology.

What’s more, TriLink’s CleanCap portfolio offers superior yield, potency, and efficiency compared to enzymatic capping, making it the number-one capping strategy for mRNA translation – by far.

By choosing CleanCap analogs to support your co-transcriptional capping process, you can:

  • Decrease manufacturing process time per batch by nearly a week, compared to enzymatic capping1
  • Reduce overall manufacturing costs 20-40% lower than other capping strategies1
  • Accelerate product development deadlines and cost-saving targets1

Discover the CleanCap portfolio and the latest CleanCap M6 analog to start innovating your capping strategy today.

1Research developed by a third party

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