ACR Image Metrix Formalizes Imaging Biomarker Development Program


Company News Release

ACR Image Metrix has formalized a biomarker and imaging development program.

ACR Image Metrix has partnered with radiopharmacies to overcome the challenging logistics of using radiolabeled tracers as biomarkers in clinical research and has formalized a biomarker imaging development program that includes clinical strategy, trial design and execution.

“ACR Image Metrix has experience and understands the challenges with biomarkers,” stated Michael J. Morales, General Manager. “Our operational expertise and infrastructure ensure our clients’ data meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, we are currently assisting several sponsors with their biomarker clinical development programs in multiple therapeutic categories. This is a new area for sponsors as well as the FDA, and ACR Image Metrix aims to add value to this new frontier in drug development.

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