Advancing Rare Disease Research and the Development of Targeted Therapies


While clinical research in rare diseases has many unique operational challenges, there is plenty of work being done to advance it and bring effective therapies to patients.

Michael Pourdehnad, MD, senior vice president, head of early clinical development, Hematology/Oncology & cell therapy at Bristol Myers Squibb discusses the work his team is doing at the site-level with potential oncology, hematology, and cardiovascular therapies. He also explores the area of targeted protein degradation and its evolution as well as his passion for bringing therapies to patients and how it shaped his career path.

About the speaker

Michael Pourdehnad, MD, is senior vice president, head of early clinical development, hematology/oncology & cell therapy at Bristol Myers Squibb. He leads a team focused on developing cancer treatments to combat hard-to-treat diseases. Michael oversees early clinical development programs for a diverse range of treatment modalities such as cell therapy, protein degraders, T-cell engagers, monoclonal antibodies, and small molecules. Michael is also currently a clinical assistant professor of hematology and oncology with UCSF Medical Center.

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