AI Is The New Electricity


The evolution of data and digital health uses in both the healthcare and research worlds is bringing the two closer together for the good of patients.

Michael Ibara, Chief Data Officer, Elligo Health Research, discusses the history of mining healthcare data and using it to identify safety events, as well as the evolution of bringing EHR data closer to the clinical research worlds. Ibara also touches on the implications of AI—comparing its fundamental impact as “the new electricity”—and its potential uses for clinical trials, regulatory, and the ethics around large language models.

About the speaker

Michael Ibara, Chief Data Officer, Elligo Health Research, has more than 20 years of experience in clinical research and development. His interests include regulatory and policy implications for digital healthcare. Before joining Elligo, he was the Head of Digital Healthcare for the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium. Michael also has experience as Head of Business Development Coordination and Innovation and also Head of Pharmacovigilance Innovation at Pfizer, where he worked for 15 years in various positions.

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