AI Company Narrativa Teams Up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to Improve Regulatory Documentation Process


The two groups will implement AI technology with an already existing precision medicine trial model.

Announced at SCOPE 2023, Los Angeles based AI company Narrativa is partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to improve regulatory documentation. In order to achieve, the tech company is applying artificial intelligence models and automated data analysis to enhance the Beat AML Master Clinical Trial.

The trial is the first precision medicine clinical trial for blood cancer. As is the case with most precision medicine models, the trial uses advanced genomic technology to determine the best targeted treatment for each patient. The trial launched in 2016.

In a press release sent to ACT, Narrativa’s technology will automate the production of patient narratives and clinical study reports, along with other elements of the regulatory process. This should speed up the process and reduce the time it takes for new treatments to get approved and released to market.

Jenifer Bittinger, president of Narrativa, said, “The Life Sciences industry is at a precipice. Utilizing the advancements of artificial intelligence to automate clinical trial regulatory documentation will bring drugs to market faster and ultimately save more lives. Our goal is to use AI to improve systems within enterprises, but to also use it for good. We want to improve humanity.”

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