AiCure and IMA Group Partner in Trial Recruitment and Engagement


AiCure and IMA have announced a partnership aiming to gain a widespread understanding of patient behavior and drug compliance outside of a clinical trial setting. With a database of over 300,000 potential subjects, IMA will roll out AiCure's Patient Connect, to study participants, offering patients support to manage their existing treatment at home. This data will ultimately give sponsors access to a diverse pool of patients with known adherence patterns across therapeutic areas that could be recruited for upcoming trials.

As part of a 30-day program, participating patients will use AiCure's solution via their smartphone each time they dose, which uses computer vision and AI to confirm adherent dosing behavior in a HIPAA compliant manner. Patient Connect can also aggregate ePRO and digital biomarker data to detect subtle changes in a patient's condition. Additionally, patients will gain access to communication tools to connect directly to a clinician for further support.

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