AiCure Launches OpenDBM


AiCure has introduced OpenDBM, an open-source version of its computer vision and AI-powered digital biomarker platform. The platform’s framework will give the scientific community access to AiCure’s digital biomarker algorithms and the ability to apply them to their own datasets to measure patient responses to treatment, including facial, vocal and motor characteristics.

AiCure’s digital biomarker platform gathers and analyzes visual and auditory cues directly through a patient’s smartphone camera, pinpointing critical disease characteristics and behavioral trends. Through accurate and consistent data capture, the platform helps to ensure the integrity of clinical trial data throughout a study’s duration.

“While digital biomarkers help to eliminate the blind spots of infrequent and subjective in-person visits, their exclusivity means many in the scientific community are still flying blind when it comes to measuring the impact and validity of these proprietary algorithms, limiting their use and the weight they carry during regulatory conversations,” said Ed Ikeguchi, CEO of AiCure. “AiCure’s OpenDBM opens this black box. Through an open science framework, we hope to unleash the potential of digital biomarkers to not only safeguard the success of a trial and understanding of a drug’s impact, but also better equip sites to offer each patient the support they need.”

Read the full release, here.

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