Aiosyn Introduces Kidney AI Platform

Image Credit: © Aerial Mike -

Image Credit: © Aerial Mike -

Aiosyn, a medical software company specializing in AI-powered pathology solutions, has announced the release of an AI kidney suite. Leveraging deep learning technology, this solution provides biopharma and research organizations with powerful tools for analyzing kidney structures and quantifying lesions that impact kidney health.

In a press release, Patrick de Boer, CEO of Aiosyn commented, "The platform will enable researchers to identify new and existing CKD biomarkers to study specific patient subgroups. With these new algorithms and AI capabilities we provide CKD researchers with new tools to complement existing biomarker projects and help to advance CKD precision medicine."

Aiosyn's kidney AI suite utilizes AI-powered computational pathology algorithms to objectively quantify kidney lesion scores, offering an opportunity to enhance reproducibility and accelerate drug development. The platform addresses the limitations of the Banff classification currently used in renal biopsy analysis, which suffers from observer variability and relies on qualitative assessments.

Aiosyn’s kidney AI suite facilitates the identification and characterization of pathological processes, presenting a promising avenue for substantial improvements in CKD research and clinical trials. Alongside its kidney AI platform, Aiosyn is actively developing deep learning algorithms for the detection of cancer biomarkers.


Aiosyn Introduces Kidney AI Platform to Revolutionize Renal Disease Research. (2023, September 18). Business Wire.

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