Aitia, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Strike Drug Collaboration Deal


Joint venture aims to drive new discoveries and improve patient outcomes.

Pancreatic cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of the pancreas. 3d illustration. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Crystal light

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Crystal light

In a company press release, Aitia announced a collaboration with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) focused on accelerating drug discovery and development. Through applying PanCAN's Spark health data platform, Atita intends to integrate de-identified human multi-omic data to create gemini digital twins, that will serve a wide range of applications, including the discovery of novel targets and biomarkers, simulation of drug candidates, identification of ideal patient subpopulations for clinical trials, and the determination of optimal drug combinations.

"Unraveling the complex genetic and molecular circuitry of Pancreatic Cancer is critical to the discovery of the next generation of drugs that can significantly increase the survival rate of patients," said Colin Hill, CEO, co-founder, Aitia. "We believe our Gemini Digital Twins, coupled with PanCAN's robust de-identified human multi-omic data, stand to increase efficacy in early research, ultimately leading to the discovery and development of breakthrough drugs. Collaborating with PanCAN is a pivotal milestone in our mission, as we envision reshaping the panorama of pancreatic cancer treatment by harnessing the potential of multi-omic patient data, Causal AI and Digital Twins".

Reference: Aitia and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Partner to Transform De-Identified Multi-Omic Patient Data into Digital Twins to Drive New Discoveries and Improve Patient Outcomes. PR Newswire. September 27, 2023. Accessed September 28, 2023.

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