Almac Announces Expansion to its Commercial Facility with the Addition of Increased Storage Capacity for Biologic Products

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Company News Release

In response to increased client demand for cold and dedicated frozen storage capacity for biopharmaceuticals, Almac’s Pharma Services business unit has expanded its commercial facilities to include an additional 6,124 sq ft of cold and frozen storage.
This is a joint investment with a commercial client, for which Almac provides central EU importation, warehousing and distribution services.  This includes dedicated -70°C, -20°C and 2-8°C storage for drug antibody, drug linker, bulk drug substance, placebo and filled vials, coupled to before and after distribution to various global processing facilities.
In preparation for the successful commercialisation of the drug product, 20 additional dedicated freezer units have been added to the existing 10, for the storage of the monoclonal antibody and bulk drug substance products.
Strengthening Almac’s EU product launch services, the expansion has also resulted in increased floor space facilitating shipping system configuration for bulk drug product and for direct to pharmacy supply of niche orphan drug products.