Almac Clinical Services Launches New STEMS System


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Almac Clinical Services marked the start of 2010 with the official launch of a new web-based, Shipping Temperature Electronic Monitoring System - stems.

Temperature excursions can inhibit the clinical supply chain, resulting in crucial investigational products being delayed or quarantined and not made available for immediate use at the study site. Excursions can occur at any point in a global supply chain and often arise as a result of multiple uncontrollable factors.

Upon download, Almac’s Shipping Temperature Electronic Monitoring System – stems, equips clinical supply professionals with immediate visibility over all crucial shipment temperature reports. This enables users to make instant decisions 24/7 on their clinical supplies.

Stems is the latest addition to the Almac services portfolio for temperature controlled clinical supplies. Alongside the Group’s Specialist Temperature Controlled Team, and customised shipping unit systems, this new technology delivers the following key features:

Key Features

–100% shipping temperature reports

– improved inventory management

– compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

This latest launch also coincides with a new Label Approval System (LAS) – a workflow-based label approval management system. LAS gives users full online review, amendment, traceability and control functionality.

Martin Lamb, Vice President of Global Business Development, Almac Clinical Services commenting on the launch of the new system: “I am delighted to announce the launch of our new Shipping Temperature Electronic Monitoring System - stems. We have experienced rapid growth in the volume of our controlled temperature shipments in the past few years. Improving visibility and performance in this area is a key goal for Almac, our clients and regulators alike, so the introduction of new, innovative tools has been a core part of our business strategy. By helping our clients achieve these goals, stems will be of major interest to Pharmaceutical and Biotech clients.’

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